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Как выучить иностранный язык?

Как выучить иностранный язык?Сегодня в Интернете можно найти сотни самых различных методик изучения иностранного языка. Большинство из них рекламируются, как «лучшие», «самые быстрые», «результативные», но, увы, для многих россиян, иностранный язык так и остается непостижимым. В чем же дело? Неужели виновата пресловутая лень? Или все-таки что-то другое является непреодолимой преградой? И как же все-таки выучить иностранный язык?

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BudulinekThere was once a little boy named Budulinek. He lived with his old Granny in a cottage near
a forest.
Granny went out to work every day. In the morning when she went away she always said:
«There, Budulinek, there’s your dinner on the table and mind, you mustn’t open the door no
matter who knocks!»
One morning Granny said:
«Now, Budulinek, today I’m leaving you some soup for your dinner. Eat it when dinner time
comes. And remember what I always say: don’t open the door no matter who knocks.»
She went away and pretty soon Lishka, the sly old mother fox, came and knocked on the
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The Three Sillies.

The Three SilliesOnce upon a time, when folk were not so wise as they are nowadays, there lived a farmer
and his wife who had one daughter. And she, being a pretty lass, was courted by the young
squire when he came home from his travels.
Now every evening he would stroll over from the Hall to see her and stop to supper in the
farmhouse, and every evening the daughter would go down into the cellar to draw the cider
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Boots and His Brothers.

Boots and His Brothers

Once on a time there was a man who had three sons, Peter, Paul, and John. John was
Boots, of course, because he was the youngest. I can’t say the man had anything more than
these three sons, for he hadn’t one penny to rub against another; and so he told his sons
over and over again they must go out into the world and try to earn their bread, for there at
home there was nothing to be looked for but starving to death.
Now, a bit off the man’s cottage was the King’s palace, and you must know, just against the
King’s windows a great oak had sprung up, which was so stout and big, that it took away all
the light from the King’s palace.

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Полезные рекомендации начинающим изучать английский.

рекомендации начинающим изучать английскийКаждый новичок, приступающий к изучению английского языка, стремится добиться вершин успеха на этом непростом пути. Независимо от того, какая методика для достижения этой цели будет избрана, стоит учесть несколько общих рекомендаций, которые позволят существенно улучшить эффективность обучения английскому языку.

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